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Where Gay Rainbow Lovers Unite

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QUEEN of H [rawr2buny]

An Ohno Satoshi ichibaner. Has the ability to come up with creative ideas and cuticle nicknames. Her drawings are superb; her talent, amazing. She can draw anywhere, everywhere. Hates seeing empty spaces in her textbooks; she'll cover it up with scribbles in no time. On the outside, she's a kid; on the inside, she brings the term H to a whole new level. However, it's a common knowledge in RGPF that the queen can rarely catch up to her minions, as the saying goes: The Queen get all the fame, her servants do all the work.

the EPITOME of H-ness [bokunosubete]

A legend. The fanfic she wrote was one of the reason this universe exist. A Matsumoto Jun worshipper, with fetishes like the Yama Pair's back coming up from time to time. Is awesome at making banners and icons; probably the best at these things among the trio. Have a thing for making weird pairings; for example, ShoxMicStands. The true H in RGPF, she brought out the other two's H side into limelight; which leads to the creation of this RGPF universe. Kinda a late bloomer actually, but when she does; she spread the Hness around.

SUPER H GIRL [ohnasyer]

Sho's-jawline-and-right-leg ichibaner, with Ohno Satoshi and his pretty, pretty fingers following half a centimeter behind. The laziest 18 year old you can find, and the Aiba of the group. Can be so forgetful yet cheerful; promotes world peace and loathes pedophiles (according to her, liking HSJ doesn't make her a pedo). Already married; to her iPod, laptop and phones. Her pre-RGPF lifelong dream is: to see Arashi get married and end up happily ever after with many many chibi Arashis, so that one day she can come to Japan and kidnap Ohno Jr and Sho Jr and raise them as her own. After the formations of RGPF, her life mission changes into: To have a fivesome with SakuOhHonmaMiya.

the INNOCENT H [rizwinc10]

Another confused Ohno Satoshi's ichibaner, making him the most lovable in RGPF. Following very closely behind is none other than his life partner, Ninomiya Kazunari, making her the biggest OhMiya shipper. Claims to be so innocent that she thought H is merely an alphabet, but one persistent discovery leads to another; it has been revealed that she's pretty convinced Nino's neck and jawline exist mainly as her guilty pleasure. Still, she has a lot to learn in terms of Hness, however the first step has been taken, and her hidden H innerself is starting to appear. The only normal person in RGPF, but we betcha it won't last forever!

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